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February 28, 2013

In mid-July, MedPage Today released, Today’s Physician: Managing Change, a survey examining how physicians use digital technology in their practices. The survey found that 80% of doctors believe innovative technology improved communication with their patients. More than two-thirds of doctors surveyed spend three or more hours a day on the computer and one-in-four physicians spend three or more hours on a mobile device, the study found.

The study also found that physicians are becoming increasingly concerned about their own futures. According to the survey, one in ten doctors believes their practice will close within the next five years. Because of this extensive pessimism, physicians are taking on more patients. The survey showed a 43% increase in the number of patients physicians see each week. An increase in visits ultimately results in less one-on-one time with patients, but also less time reading journals, meeting with pharmaceutical representatives, and attending conferences for continuing medical education.

Physicians are increasingly expected to update their depth of knowledge even in the midst of poor economic conditions. As budgets tighten, more physicians are choosing to pursue their continuing education credits online via virtual events and webcasts.

In January 2013, web portal provider, Intelivert will be introducing Medical Media Portal, offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers an innovative, yet simple way to get immersive, educational experiences into the hands of their clinicians, employees and patients. Users of the Medical Media Portal can view CME and other educational content on their iPad, iPhone or any mobile device or computer.

A survey by virtual technology vendor, ON24 and marketing company, MedData Group found that 84% of physicians actually prefer attending CME events online. The April 2012, survey of 971 physicians spread across a variety of healthcare specialties, also found that 74% of providers owned or planned on owning an iPad.

Cue Apple CEO, Tim Cook. On Oct. 23, Cook unveiled Apple’s newest iPad, dubbed the iPad mini. While weighing less than a pound, the iPad mini boasts a 7.9 inch screen — 35% larger than its closest competitors the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

The mini hit stores on Friday, Nov. 2. On Monday, Nov. 5, Apple announced that it sold 3 million iPads over the weekend. Apple released the fourth generation iPad on the same day as the mini and would not disclose how many iPad minis were sold.Technology for physicians continues to evolve, offering clinicians more ways to create efficiencies within their practices.  And as they increase in popularity and usage, tablets will represent a tangible way physicians will access those efficiencies.

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