The Survey Results Are In

March 31, 2015

We promised to share the results of our recent Workforce Safety and Management Systems survey - and the results are in. Thanks to all those who participated. 

We will be sending you a notification, as soon our new OSHA Recordkeeping Rules App is available for (your free) download. 

1. Which technologies are available to help you perform your job? Choose all that apply.

50% - Desktop
94% - Laptop
61% - Tablet
94% - Smart Phone

2. By percentage, how is your workforce divided? (Please note: our question did not take into account the company workforce size and is an aggregate of percentages entered, weighing all responses equally.)

80% - What percentage are employees?
8% - What percentage are contract workers?
12% - What percentage are temporary workers?

3. What type(s) of workforce safety and management system(s) are you currently using? Choose all that apply.

94% - Paper-based/Excel, etc.
17% - Mobile Apps
39% - EHS Software
1% - Other

4. Are you happy with the analytics and reporting capabilities of your current system?

28% - Yes
72% - No

5. What major challenges are you facing concerning the safety & management of your workforce? (We had too many responses to include them all, but here are the top 8 types of challenges.)

  1. Changing existing culture.
  2. Procedure compliance, supervisory enforcement and accountability.
  3. Data analysis and trending.
  4. Finding technology that is user friendly.
  5. Keeping up with compliance and technological changes.
  6. Recognizing when an injury qualifies for notification to OSHA under the new rules.
  7. Clarifying whether an injury to temp worker goes on the temp or host company's 300 log.
  8. Translating safety information to the employee's native language.

Ever wonder what technology/devices your colleagues are using? Here is a breakdown of devices used by the people who responded to our survey:

54% - Apple iOS (phone/tablet)
29% - Windows PC
8% - Other
5% - Macintosh PC
4% - Android (phone/tablet)

We hope you found the responses of your colleagues interesting. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone in facing your workforce safety challenges.

For those of you who responded to our survey, thanks again. We will be sending a notification, as soon our new OSHA Recordkeeping Rules App is available for (your free) download. The App is an electronic guide, which walks you through the applicable OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Rules, based on the type of incident you are dealing with.

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