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May 11, 2015

Employers commonly view OSHA from a regulatory enforcement perspective and often overlook the free resources that OSHA provides. One example is the information provided viaOSHA’s Safety and Health Topics webpage. The webpage is a gateway to information regarding specific safety and health hazards.

An alphabetical listing consisting of over 200 topics, from “accident investigation” to “young workers”, provides immediate access to hazard identification and control information and the associated regulatory citations. This information can be vital to achieving safety, the outcome of having successfully managed risk.

The Intelivert Safety Team decided to take a little test drive of OSHA’s Safety and Health Topics webpage. After clicking the link to access the alphabetical listing, we randomly selected machine guarding and landed on the machine-guarding home page. The home page provided a very brief overview; however, tabs provided on the home page took us directly to the machine guarding standards, hazard recognition, possible solutions and additional information.

Keeping with the machine guarding theme, next we visited OSHA’s eTools, EMatrix, Expert Advisors and v-Tools webpage. The page provides access to interactive, web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics. We selected the machine guarding eTool, which focused on recognizing, and controlling common amputation hazards associated with the operation and use of certain types of machines.

Our brief expedition was well worth the trip. We gained access to a considerable amount of information related to our chosen topic with relative ease. If you have not examined these free OSHA resources, we encourage you to take the system for a test drive of you own.

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