Intelivert Named Among Top-Providers of Media Portal Solutions

August 5, 2013
Technology recently published a field guide on video production and online broadcasting, which names Intelivert as a leading developer of video management and distribution platforms. The publication, entitled “Field Guide: Shoot, Switch, Stream”(if you haven’t already downloaded this free publication, you should), affirms a growing movement towards simplified video production, encouraging the idea that virtually any size business can create top-level media content, including live streaming. Joel Unickow, publisher of the guide, understands that, “more video producers, even those with years of experience in shooting and switching live events, are scrambling to add live delivery to their professional skills set.” New production tools are offering unprecedented efficiency and media quality with less required manpower.

The guide’s platinum sponsor and valued Intelivert partner, Winnov, is an international leader of educational and conference room webcasting technologies. Winnov’s flagship product, the Cbox Studio, is the hardware solution to the mounting need for production efficiency. The Cbox enables non-technical presenters and instructors to record high-impact, rich-media experiences that are visually optimized for the web and media devices. HD-SDI, RGB, Analog, and USB robotic video cameras can be simultaneously connected to the Cbox, and the touchscreen interface allows users to seamlessly control, combine and switch between inputs. This ability to bring every facet of a multi-camera video shoot through a single source - places the power to record HD video or to stream live, in the hands of a single operator.

Through capabilities such as image capture, text extraction, and automated “meta-tagging”, the Cbox can deliver rich media online experiences for learners to better absorb the material presented. Further, when the Cbox is paired with an Intelivert media portal solution, users can fully manage their communication content lifecycle, having the ability to create, manage, deliver and measure the effectiveness of each rich media communication. 

Healthcare clients record CME lectures, employee training, patient communications and conferences using the Cbox, then upload the content to the Intelivert Medical Media Portal where they can easily manage, distribute and measure content effectiveness and compliance. Medical Media Portal users login and access content based on their user-type and can view content and complete attached surveys or testing from any device (tablet, smartphone or PC), from anywhere in the world. 

Waste Management, Energy and Utilities clients use the Cbox to create custom safety orientation and training programs for their contractors and employees, then upload course content to Intelivert’s Workforce Management Portal in order to manage, distribute and measure usage, effectiveness and compliance.  For many of our customers, orientation and training must be delivered in several languages.  The Workforce Management Portal fully supports this requirement, including foreign language subtitles. Employee and contractors access the portal from locations around the world, using the device of their choice (tablet, smartphone or PC).

Vice President of Onstream Media, Kristin Iacovelli, explains that, “a world-class webcast involves more than just streaming video. Organizations have come to expect high-quality virtual events with mixed media such as live streaming video, branded presentation slides, and graphics. A complete webcasting solution should also offer registration, participant Q&A, polling, post-event surveys, analytics, and reports. The key is having the flexibility to provide your clients with exactly the services they require.”  We couldn’t agree more with Ms. Iacovelli, which is why these features and more are standard in Intelivert media portals.

Our customers experience it on a daily basis.  Now the rest of the world is beginning to hear it from the industry experts.  When Intelivert media portals are paired with new rich media production technologies, the resulting solution is without comparison. The Intelivert media portal platform has delivered tens of thousands of communications and courses to learners in more than 70 countries around the world. It’s easy to use, provides an unsurpassed user experience, and provides verifiable compliance for any organization.

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