Cbox Studio - Healthcare Embraces Video Capture, Management & Delivery

September 16, 2012

“Cbox” sounds like it could be a new medical device, but it’s actually a cutting-edge video production appliance that allows healthcare organizations to create dynamic, engaging and immersive video content.  Weighing only 10 pounds, this little black box has the ability to stream and record any medical procedure, lecture, or training session with the touch of a button. Cbox Studio is a video production studio in a box, making impromptu recordings a cinch for non-technical personnel, while saving organizations thousands of dollars in equipment costs as compared to traditional video production.

This unassuming little device packs a big, high-definition punch.  Here’s one example of how the Cbox Studio is being used to capture lectures for Continuing Medical Education (CME) at a teaching hospital here in Philadelphia.

Imagine a typical lecture setting. There is a presenter, a laptop running a PowerPoint presentation, perhaps a projector, a DVD player, and an audience.  Traditionally, recording a lecture like this would require multiple cameras, camera operators, a sound person and producer, along with pricey switches, mixers, scalers and control systems.  The Cbox Studio is changing the way healthcare is approaching video production. The Cbox is equally at home under the speaker’s podium, as it is in a control room at the rear of the lecture hall.  It can be set to record automatically using an online scheduler, can be initiated via the speaker’s iPhone, or a single technician can operate the Cbox during the lecture (as is the case with the teaching hospital).  The technician is equipped with a touch screen display in order to control the mix of up to 4 pan/tilt/zoom cameras (to capture speaker/audience interaction), multiple audio inputs, the laptop, projector and DVD player.

Now, imagine this box simultaneously taking all the audio and visual sources of the lecture and converting them into a single presentation package, which can be broadcast live or edited and archived for later on-demand viewing.  The Cbox Studio captures the entire presentation, just as it happened, and produces a rich media experience that can be viewed via the web or on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) in HD. 

This is just one example in which the Cbox Studio is being used to capture a rich media experience and delivery it to a global audience.  In upcoming posts we will explore other topics related to the Cbox including; capturing medical procedures, creating employee orientation and training, rich-media’s impact on learning effectiveness, portal integration to manage and deliver content, and how to monetize your video content.

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