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April 18, 2017
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To assist employers and workers in their never-ending quest to identify and eliminate workplace hazards, OSHA offers a free informative resource called QuickTakes. In short, the publication provides clear and concise information including the latest news about OSHA initiatives.  The OSHA QuickTakes Newsletter is an e-newsletter delivered to subscribers via email two times each month (1st & 15th).  You can subscribe by visiting the OSHA QuickTakes Subscription page and can expect your first delivery within 48 hours. 

For those skeptical about increasing their email burden current and past QuickTakes issues are available online.  Our advice is to check out the publication online first.  After doing so, we are relatively certain that you will join the more than 70,000 current subscribers. 

Be sure to check out QuickTakes April 3, 2017 Volume 16, Issue 7, which has a reminder for employers to post their injury and illness summaries through April. The OSHA form 300A, which is a summary of job-related injury and illnesses logged in 2016, should be displayed from February through April in a common area where employee notices are typically posted.

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